How to Share their Planning with Musicians

Monday, May 30, 2022

Orchestra Victoria now schedule their musicians, technicians and staff in #DIESE

#DIESE is Orchestra Victoria’s new tool to schedule and inform their musicians, technicians and staff.

Orchestra Victoria are working with various performing arts organisations in Australia including the Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Victorian Opera as well as performing their own concerts. Closing a one-year, remotely-run project they went live with some of #DIESE’s most interesting features for orchestras.

Their whole season is now planned in #DIESE, with nearly 40 projects scheduled. Every project has its own customised record and cast, and each contact appearing in a cast has his or her own page – containing contact details, work history and artistic or administrative information.

#DIESE’s advanced planning feature allows them to create all types of activities on their configured venues, then to schedule all categories of contacts, artists as well as technicians or staff.

The “Chorus-Orchestra-Ballet” (COB) feature even calculates all payroll variables, depending on configured contract rules. Timesheets can be edited every two weeks, while calculations can be checked in real time in the program.

The COB works hand in hand with an advanced contracts management module. This module allows Orchestra Victoria to manage all their contracts in #DIESE: permanent staff, technicians and more than 200 musicians, on various contract types – casual, permanent contract, guest artist, etc.

Contract records not only carry all useful information on the employment period. Contractual documents are also edited thanks to configured templates, and can be sent to signature directly from the system.

A central tool to communicate with musicians is the individual portal MyDiese. In MyDiese musicians can access information on projects and casting, and all the production planning. More importantly, they read their individual planning in real time: any change made to the planning or to their scheduling is immediately updated in the musician’s personal space.

MyDiese also allows the orchestra to share individual government tax forms, and other artistic or administrative documents.

More and more orchestras are working with #DIESE, in Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland and in the UK. More features and integrations are being developed for the specific needs of these ensembles. Stay tuned and do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to tell you more!

Picture: Arts Centre Melbourne’s website