At the Heart of your Digital Ecosystem

Friday, December 29, 2023

#DIESE - a trustworthy partner to integrate with your tech ecosystem

In early 2024, #DIESE offers 40 different types of integrations with your other applications and software.

What is a digital ecosystem ? It is a network of interconnected technologies and services, interacting with each other to create value.

What makes a good digital ecosystem ? The quality of connections. Effective connections ensure the important information is transmitted to the right people and prevent its loss.

Combining several tools is evident in managing a cultural organization: from ticketing to payroll, from orders to accounting and financial management, most activities are computerized, and often with expert systems in their field. The puzzle, when wanting to replace software, lies much in how it will work with your other tools, and in how your decision will impact information flows between teams.

#DIESE is an already modular system that meets artistic, technical, or pure management business needs: scheduling staff, artists, forming casts, managing orders, sales, contracts, equipment, and more. However, there are services #DIESE does not offer – it is neither payroll, CRM, nor ticketing software. Or, there are services that #DIESE offers, but for which you already use a system you like.

In these cases, IT4Culture’s expertise is to integrate #DIESE into your existing ecosystem, by creating effective connections with your other software. We work hand in hand with teams in your third-party systems to establish the best way to circulate data – useful, reliable data, easy to retrieve from one system to another.

Automated interfaces, periodic file imports, API publishing, sending by breakpoints, containers... we establish the best method to transmit information with the right timing and level of control .

Among the interfaces we have most implemented this year:

• The Tessitura ticketing tool – to synchronize programming and distribution information validated in #DIESE

• The DocuSign e-signature platform – to remotely sign contracts

Daniels’ Online Music Library – to pre-fill programs, casts, and orchestrations of productions in #DIESE

• The GHS Spaiectacle payroll software – to synchronize the contact database and send contracts and payroll variables calculated by #DIESE

• The Legilog accounting software – to send accounting entries corresponding to purchase orders

Make #DIESE a long-term partner : we know how to connect with your tools in a value-creating way and will assist in your interconnection projects.