sPAIEctacle: The Premier Interface For Payroll In France

Thursday, January 18, 2024

French payroll software sPAIEctacle is the most integrated payroll system with DIESE

sPAIEctacle is the payroll software most integrated with #DIESE, used by 22 institutions.

In France, the sPAIEctacle software developed by GHS is known by the majority of theatre and cultural venue administrators.

From the launch of the #DIESE personnel scheduling module, IT4Culture established a transmission to sPAIEctacle for contact and payroll data.

This expertise is regularly reused to interface #DIESE with other payroll software.

  • How does the payroll interface work?

Open the #DIESE scheduling module. Create your contracts there - for both permanent and temporary staff - each with its role, engagement dates, and of course, the unique contact from your #DIESE database.

Plan your teams.

Once the contracts are finalized for the month, you obtain payroll variables, represented in the #DIESE timesheets:

  • For example, for casual staff: regular hours, overtime hours, hazard bonus;
  • Or for permanent staff: meal vouchers, sick leave days, days worked on weekends.

All that’s left is to export a file in .txt format, ready to be imported into sPAIEctacle. Depending on your needs, the import will either create the payrolls (usual case for temporary workers and short contracts) or simply update your payroll categories.

  • And the contact interface?

The contact databases of sPAIEctacle and #DIESE communicate.

You need to find the same contacts in both systems, with up-to-date information, starting with banking details.

The contact records in #DIESE are configured so that the fields and their formats correspond to those in sPAIEctacle – address, social security number, birth department code, etc.

To facilitate communication between these two databases, two options are available to our users:

  1. Receive via email each day, a file to be poured into sPAIEctacle with the latest modifications made in #DIESE. This option allows for human verification of new information,

  2. Benefit from the API recently developed by sPAIEctacle in collaboration with the Transat application. As employees can update their own information in Transat, updating through the API ensures that the most recent information is transmitted to #DIESE, or vice versa to sPAIEctacle.

  • What about other payroll software?

The logic of this dual-interface – contacts and remuneration – is found with other payroll software. We have already integrated #DIESE with the systems:

  • Unit4 – for The Norwegian Opera and Ballet (Oslo),
  • Kontek – for the Malmö Opera and for the Drottningholm Palace Theatre (Stockholm),
  • Cegid – for the Parc de la Villette in Paris,
  • MovinMotion – for the Lido2 in Paris.

#DIESE allows for advanced configuration of management rules, and IT4Culture has extensive experience in integrations, so you can trust us to analyze and carry out your payroll interface project.