Launch of our Business Intelligence Solution

Monday, 3rd May 2021

Launch of our Business Intelligence Solution

#DIESE now integrates data-visualisation, to help you gain better understanding of your data.

#DIESE now has an integrated business intelligence (BI) solution!

BI software aggregates and cross-references data from operational tools such as #DIESE, then renders it into graphs and charts that can be easily shared and understood. This is called data-visualisation: it helps gain a deeper understanding of your data, allows for better analysis, and can help support strategic decisions.

Our goal is to offer you an additional level of understanding of information coming from #DIESE – regarding planning, programmes, HR, budget, etc – thanks to new types of reports. We chose to integrate market leader Tableau Software, which allow great flexibility in the creation of reports. Tableau offers a clear and user-friendly interface, and is particularly well adapted to answer the specific needs of our clients.

Tableau draws directly from the #DIESE database, and produces real time reports. Each report can be exported in the format of your choice.

From a #DIESE user’s point of view the integration is seamless. Tableau reports can be accessed like any other document via the #DIESE interface.

Tableau reports are not automatically open to #DIESE users. They result from the integration of a different software, with its own annual subscription, and for which user accounts must be created separately.

Contact us if you wish to have more information on the new possibilities offered by Tableau, or about its implementation in #DIESE!