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#DIESE is the leading planning software solution for opera and theatre houses, festivals, museums, music schools, orchestras and concert halls.

Discover a system which streamlines all processes regarding season planning, casting, auditions and applications, staff scheduling, guided tours management, contracts, PR, bookings, orders, budget, and more.

We pride ourselves in understanding your needs in depth. Trust us to gain efficiency and reliability, and to help you collaborate better.

#DIESE is available in any language and already in English, German, Portuguese and French.

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#DIESE is modular and highly configurable.
Discover its features and combine them, to build the solution that meets your needs.


In 2020,the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Danse et de Musique de Paris started using MyDiese as an online booking tool for it's students.
Introducing a covid safe room booking system

Monday, 8th February 2021

The second lockdown in France allowed us to implement a tool to prevent long waiting lines in front of rehearsal rooms.

In 2020, houses in various sectors have implemented #DIESE: Opéra de Monté-Carlo, Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Carnegie Hall, Bourse de Commerc
Collaborate like never before

Tuesday, 5th January 2021

We welcome 2021 with a sigh of relief, but must appreciate what 2020 has taught us.

« Une semaine d’Art en Avignon » with #DIESE
« Une semaine d’Art en Avignon » with #DIESE

Wednesday, 28th October 2020

IT4Culture is honoured to work with the 2020 special edition of the iconic Festival d’Avignon.

The Collection Pinault opens in the heart of Paris with #DIESE as their planning system.
A shared planning for exhibitions, conferences and concerts

Thursday, 3rd September 2020

The Collection Pinault opens in the heart of Paris with #DIESE as their planning system.