Inventory management

Manage a complete technical inventory at the service of your artistic projects. Issue bibles, organise loans and track the condition of your equipment.

Take inventory of your technical material

Index technical material and associate data such as location, reservation or condition.

Customise datasheets depending on the considered material or departments: lights, props, sound, video, vehicles...

Export and print out customised cards.

inventory management template element Diese

Manage costumes, make-up and wigs

Order all your costumes and assign them precisely, as a resource for a specific role or scene.

Customise categories and types of elements: skirts, shoes, hats… Go further and specify any material, sub-element or detail: fabric, button, hem, etc.

Manage artists' measurements, with associated history and conversion system.

Edit your costume Bible, and any document you might wish to custom.

Assign material to events and manage stocks in real time

Link the available material to events or productions where they are needed.

Alert when material is missing or needed. Track the condition of your equipment and set up alerts.