Planning & room booking

Gain perspective over your planning. Set up projects and plan related activities, in an intuitive and customized environment. Manipulate schedules in real time and share them with your team.

Schedule on dynamic views

Within #DIESE, create and edit activities easily.

Simply link them to your projects & venues, and involve the right people and resources.

Use dynamic filters to display only the information you are looking for.

Manage from everywhere

#DIESE is accessible from any web browser, and developed in responsive design: you can easily plan while travelling or touring.

Your teams have several options to look up their planning: in real time in their personal space MyDIESE, through a customized web link, or in their usual calendar app which they can synchronise with the #DIESE planning.

Planning venue management activity planning myDiese Diese

Customize documents and information flows

Generate structured reports or customized work documents - in PDF, Excel or other needed format.

Use our API to integrate your planning into your website, or ask us to integrate #DIESE with your third-party applications e.g. your ticketing system.

Planning venue management document Diese