Productions, Projects & Events

Organize your projects in a customized database. Choose an appropriate programming mode - repertoire, series, projects? - and store any type of information, be it artistic, technical or administrative.

Customize project records to store all useful data

Define how your data will be structured : productions, projects, themes, exhibitions, projects, etc.

Customize easily your data fields and tabs, and start filling in your database right away.

Generate complete reports or export your season in one click.

productions events data sheet Diese

Link people to projects

Assign people through the cast feature: artists, partners, staff, audience, and more!

Involve people in activities, so as to build their collective or individual planning. Manage their availability, absences, replacements.

Easily reach and recruit musicians, chorists or dancers, thanks #DIESE's recruitment feature.

Generate, upload, and share reports

Upload and store documents in any format, at the project, event or activity level.

When preparing a coproduction, use our dedicated tool to share entire folders on a read-only mode with your partners.