#DIESE for Receiving Houses

#DIESE helps concert halls and receiving houses to plan their events, schedule technical staff, create budgets and track inventory.

Before anything else, #DIESE is a powerful shared planning tool. Room occupations are entered on the same interface, which becomes a unique source of information for your organization.

Scheduling of all teams - technical as well as administrative - is directly based on this offcial activity planning.

#DIESE's scheduling module works like a toolbox, allowing to use patterns, advanced copy, to set up alerts to avoid breaking rules, or to display declared inavailabilities.

Individual as well as collective plannings can be published on the MyDIESE mobile portal, shared in real time via web links, or displayed on screens on your premises. MyDIESE also allows employees to declare their worked hours, to update their personal strong>counters.

#DIESE facilitates the administration of receiving houses. Its powerful contacts database allows to manage in a secured way all data regarding organizations, troupes or ensembles, including related contacts.

In #DIESE easily issue contracts, terms and conditions, and any agreements to sign, from your own templates library. Have them validated in the system following your usual process, until their signature or e-signature.

Your contracts with their negociation history and past versions remain securely stored in the system.

Manage globally information regarding your projects.

Export reports crawling your whole season or programme, for analysis or communication purposes.

By flagging analytically your contracts, orders and other commitments, set up a complete follow-up of your budget.

#DIESE allows you to configure your own analytical structure, and to import provisional amounts for each budget item so you can analyze your results at the end of the financial year.

Carnegie Hall – New York

In summer 2020 the Carnegie Hall went live with the planning and contact module of #DIESE.

IT4Culture helped them migrate twenty years of data from a legacy database into #DIESE allowing them to consult historical data whilst simultaneously planning exciting line ups well into the future.

Utilising the #DIESE API integrations were created with Tessitura (CRM and ticketing platform), their budgeting system and their website.

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Lido 2 Paris
New York City Center
Théâtre du Châtelet
Carnegie Hall
Palazzetto Bru Zane
Théâtre Marigny

The most remarkable thing about #DIESE: the sector knowledge. We speak the same language.

Elsa Vautrain - Administrator at Théâtre Marigny
Centre de musique baroque - Versailles
Cité bleue
Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

A little gem of a tool for theatre management.
DIESE enables the streamlining of planning management, from the programming years in advance to the very day of the concert.
Any of us can enter information relating to his or her own service, and others are able to know about it and to view it : a considerable time saving.

Michel Franck - General Director at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Parc de La Villette
Centro Cultural de Belém